You May Want To Check Your Condoms For A 'Made in China' Label

Chinese police have shut down a factory that used underage workers to crank out unsafe and unsterile condoms. The cops did the right thing, but they wish they’d been a bit quicker about it, because 2 million of these condoms have already gotten into the wild, ABC News reports:

The condoms were made in a factory in Hunan province and are believed to have been sold nationwide under a variety of names, including those of well-known makers such as Jissbon and Durex, the China Youth Daily said.

Police have detained suspect manufacturer Li Anping, who allegedly bought condoms wholesale, added an unknown lubricant and crudely packaged them without sterilizing the product, the report said.

So happy hunting, everyone! The condoms are just like Willy Wonka’s Golden Tickets, only there’s 2 million of them and they spread STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

Hunt on for two million unsafe condoms [ABC News]
(Photo: bnilsen)
(Thanks, LadySiren!)

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