Staples Wants To Know If They're Freaking You Out With Their All-Knowing Emails

Apparently Staples is worried that their emails might be too accurate when it comes to marketing office supplies to people—accurate enough to make potential customers paranoid.

Alexandra writes,

I recently grew tired of the daily Staples email I received. Somehow, hot discounted office supplies just weren’t doing it for me anymore. I diligently followed the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email, and was led to a page that immediately let me unsubscribe. Nice. Once unsubscribed I had the option of selecting why I no longer wanted to be pestered with daily deals on manila folders.

Hilariously, one of these options is “Staples emails are too relevant (feel watched).”

Guess which one I picked? I also wonder if they are gathering any usable statistics from this form. I’d think that it would all be skewed by what I assume (perhaps incorrectly) to be a joke.

(Photo: bdjsb7)

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