Yankees Fans Celebrate Championship By Giving Away Your Private Information

In case the unlimited payroll, overpriced stadium, and everything else weren’t enough, here’s another reason to dislike the Yankees: their celebratory parades are havens for white collar crime.

At last Friday’s championship celebration parade, featuring World Series MVP Sean Carter, Yankee fans, apparently lacking confetti, flung documents containing sensitive personal information into the air.

According to Fox 5 New York, “Some of the documents were medical records listing names, addresses, insurance information, medical diagnoses, and other private information. One document was somebody’s stock brokerage account, containing financial information.”

Sure, it’s not technically the Yankees’ fault, but when your owner is a convicted felon, disrespect for the law will trickle down to the fans.

Private Documents Tossed on Yankees Parade [Fox 5 New York]
(Photo: frankieleon)

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