Should Concert Promoters Have To Disclose Lip-Syncing?

Various people in the country of Australia are upset at Britney Spears for lip syncing — and feel that it is dishonest for the pop star not to disclose that sometimes she’s just mouthing along while she dances.

Britney’s spokesperson defended her lip syncing by saying that it wasn’t exactly a secret or anything.

“It’s been all over the internet for nine months,” Dainty said. ‘The inference is that we tried to hide this. It’s been the opposite.

“This show is about an incredible spectacle, which it is,” he said.

Secret or no, Australians seem quite serious about their objections. From The Age:

Last week, NSW Fair Trading Minister Virginia Judge proposed that disclaimers be printed on tickets and promotional material to inform consumers if a concert would be pre-recorded and mimed.

Victorian Consumer Affairs Minister Tony Robinson said if concert promoters misrepresented whether an artist was performing live or was miming, they could be in breach of the Fair Trading Act.

Is a disclaimer needed? Or should everyone just expect people like Ms. Spears to be faking it?

(Photo:ninja IX)

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