Campbell's Brags About Its Noodle Length

Campbell’s wants you to know it packs 32 feet of noodles inside every can, and it’s paid for a Times Square billboard to teach that fact to you, AdAge reports.

“We wanted to remind people how the soup they love more than any other is full of the stuff they love most,” Eric Christianson, business director — Campbell’s condensed soups, said in a statement. “Our TV commercial, ‘Slurp,’ as well as our print ads, use the billboard and giant noodle imagery to drive home the value we offer in each can. It just made sense to bring that same idea to life with a real billboard above one of the busiest intersections in the world.”

Campbell’s estimates 1.5 million people will see the billboard over the next four weeks. Its 2009 soup season campaign is titled “Slurp,” which sounds sort of gross and certainly lacks the smoothness of Don Draper’s “Toasted” cigarette ad push.

Campbell Wants to Show You Just How Long Its Noodles Are [AdvertisingAge]
(Photo: edEx)
(Thanks, NORMLgirl!)

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