Slim-Fast Drinker Says She Finds Disgusting Black Stuff In Can

A devoted Slim-Fast partaker, Onca swears she found some off-putting black gunk at the bottom of one of her cans. She sent in this picture and wrote:

I drink Slim-Fast because I like it, even though people think it’s gross, and today I choked up on some black, stuffy leafy stuff than came from the can with the last few sips, perhaps because it was deposited at the bottom of the can? I got a box this morning from CVS in DC (next to my work) but the can was sealed from unilever it seems.

Anyway, that was gross, and I thought I’d let you know. I can always send you better photos with a better camera than that of my iPhone’s, but perhaps people shouldn’t be drinking this.

I also poured the last bit of drink into a paper cup, and can see a tiny piece of that stuff in there as well.

There is no warning of any kind in the packaging in reference to any kind of sediment that might occur in the product, and no contact information of any kind either to let them know.

I promise I’m not playing and I’m a pretty reputable, decent, serious citizen, you might say, so I’m not trying to do anything other than to let people know about this and I swear that stuff came from INSIDE the can.

One sure way to shed pounds is to be so disgusted by your weight-loss food-alternative drink that you refuse to ingest even that.

If you are really concerned that something has gone wrong in a dangerous way inside the can, contact your local health department and file a report. If they think it sounds serious, they’ll investigate. You can also contact the company to hear their side of it, but you can expect them to simply apologize and offer you a coupon if you send the grossness back to them.

Has anyone else experienced weirdness in the bottom of a SlimFast can?

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