Slim-Fast Drinker Says She Finds Disgusting Black Stuff In Can

A devoted Slim-Fast partaker, Onca swears she found some off-putting black gunk at the bottom of one of her cans. She sent in this picture and wrote:

I drink Slim-Fast because I like it, even though people think it’s gross, and today I choked up on some black, stuffy leafy stuff than came from the can with the last few sips, perhaps because it was deposited at the bottom of the can? I got a box this morning from CVS in DC (next to my work) but the can was sealed from unilever it seems.

Anyway, that was gross, and I thought I’d let you know. I can always send you better photos with a better camera than that of my iPhone’s, but perhaps people shouldn’t be drinking this.

I also poured the last bit of drink into a paper cup, and can see a tiny piece of that stuff in there as well.

There is no warning of any kind in the packaging in reference to any kind of sediment that might occur in the product, and no contact information of any kind either to let them know.

I promise I’m not playing and I’m a pretty reputable, decent, serious citizen, you might say, so I’m not trying to do anything other than to let people know about this and I swear that stuff came from INSIDE the can.

One sure way to shed pounds is to be so disgusted by your weight-loss food-alternative drink that you refuse to ingest even that.

If you are really concerned that something has gone wrong in a dangerous way inside the can, contact your local health department and file a report. If they think it sounds serious, they’ll investigate. You can also contact the company to hear their side of it, but you can expect them to simply apologize and offer you a coupon if you send the grossness back to them.

Has anyone else experienced weirdness in the bottom of a SlimFast can?


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  1. admiral_stabbin says:

    That’s the Slim Fast special sauce, honey!

  2. calquist says:

    It doesn’t claim to have any sediment, but the drink says “shake well” on the top of the can. I’m guessing it has that because some of its ingredients settle on the bottom and if it is older, they would stick there?

    I used to drink these because they are pretty tasty and filling for a breakfast, but I always pored mine in a glass.

    • Applekid ┬──┬ ノ( ã‚œ-゜ノ) says:

      @calquist: And all this time I thought “Shake Well” was complementing my strut.

  3. Radi0logy says:

    “I promise I’m not playing”


  4. arsenicookie says:

    that’s one way to lose your appetite. i sense a new fad diet.

  5. Awjvail says:

    What was the date on the drink?

    Perhaps it was just a settled ingredient of some sort?

  6. MaelstromRider says:

    I used to see the same kind of yuck in my toddler’s squirty bath toys that didn’t get washed well enough. The saliva/bathwater mix would sit for a couple days in the toy and when I squirted out the liquid, it would have flat black stuff in it.

    So, my guess is bacterial or fungal. Not good. Take it to the health department and let them test it. If you swallowed any, make sure to tell your doctor about that if you show any symptoms.

    • ThinkerTDM says:

      @MaelstromRider: So, you are making a positive identification by looking at the blurry photo above?

      Also, can you just take stuff to “the health department” to be “tested”? Do they have a 24 hour lab, with techs just standing around to test various things people bring in?

  7. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    I assumed it would have been hardened chocolate until I read the word “leafy”.

    Leafy? As it it felt like it came from a plant?

  8. nnj says:

    Perhaps its toxic sludge. It doesn’t have any calories so it should be an acceptable ingredient.

  9. sonneillon says:

    It is likely that it was poorly packaged and a containment got in the can. Most likely harmless, but if you feel sick go to the doctor because poor canning can result in some very unpleasant food poisonings. Call slim fast they may make you send them the can but food companies usually will send you a coupon to get some more free.

  10. NORMLgirl says:

    I am still having my slim fast for lunch, and I bought it at Big Lots!!

  11. stephennmcdonald says:

    I’m going to agree with a lot of the other posters, having had the strawberry slim fast many times. If you don’t shake well, you get chunky pieces at the bottom – they remind me of adding flour to a sauce that isn’t hot, and it kind of congeals instead of dissolving.

    From the pictures and the fact that it looks like chocolate flavor, I’m reminded of making swiss miss, not drinking the entire thing, then trying to wash the cup the next day. Thick, dark chocolate stuck to the bottom looks gross, but actually isn’t!

  12. "I Like Potatoes" says:

    My husband uses “smokeless tobacco” (all the rage in the Army) and usually finds an empty soda can from around the house to spit into. Totally gross yet that’s what the OP’s description reminds me of.

  13. SaraFimm says:

    Chocolate doesn’t have a “leafy” taste. I agree the aluminum can may not have been sterilized enough aka was dirty when the slim fast was added. Are all the cans from the same lot? Is this same stuff in any of the other cans? If it’s an isolated incident, it could also have been someone at the plant unhappy with their job adding the contaminant to the can. Yucky to think so, but always a possibility. Definitely, call the doctor and the health department on this one.

  14. mike6545 says:

    I actually expierienced the same thing inside a can of Arizona Black and White iced tea. My friend shook his can, i on the other hand just drank it. Upon looking in the can halfway through (i do’t know why i did but i did) i noticed black gunk floating in it. I poured the contents into a glass but the stuff didn’t really come out. A bit was stuck to the can and it looks like the rest disolved. I’m sure it’s just an ingredient that seperates itself over time.

  15. Foxmom says:

    Not from slim fast but I once had a clump of hair come out of a can of Diet Coke. Totally nasty!!

  16. PrincessOfPower says:

    “A devoted Slim-Fast partaker, Onca swears she found some off-putting black gunk at the bottom of one of her cans.”

    Yes, that’s called Slim-Fast.

  17. bluesred says:

    Someone tell her to stop smoking. It’s probably from HER. She “choked” this stuff up. It’s either A) from years of smoking, B) from the un-mixed Slim-Fast shake.

    Either way, get this woman a refund… and remember folks: Shake Well!