Photographer Says US Airways Soaked $17,850 Worth Of Camera Equipment

Reader Steve points us to a posting on a photography forum by a professional photographer who says his camera bag didn’t fit in the overhead compartment or under the seat of his US Airways flight — and when he got the bag back after checking it — it was soaking wet. He says the employees he spoke with didn’t believe him… do you?

Here’s his story:

I roll it out of the long passage way and into the terminal to catch the connecting flight. I have 15 minutes. I open the outside zipper area to place my laptop bag in and see that the bag is FREAKING SOAKED. DRENCHED. Nervously and in slow motion I open the zipper to the main compartment of my camera bag and there water all throughout my bag. EVERYUWHERE. Dead serious. A good 3 cups worth. My stomach is in knots. For a second I about ot puked. My head spins, I get light headed and then my wooziness is replaced with anger. I’m pissed. I immediately go to the lady at the gate from where I just exited. I tell her my story and she looks into my bag in shock. She is extremely apologetic but can do nothing. She leads me to where I need to go, U.S. Airways customer service.

The story continues as he explains the situation to an employee who he describes as a “women/behemoth/monster/creature/prawn/leviathan thing-person.” This thing-person is convinced that the photographer had a water bottle in his bag.

Here’s the complete story. Anyone have any advice for him? He’s insured, but wants US Airways to pay the deductible.

U.S. Airways sucks so freaking bad. I HATE them. I HATE THEM! [FredMiranda] (Thanks, Steve!)
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