When To Buy A Home And How To Avoid Screwing It Up

Are you hitting that stage in life where you’re thinking of becoming a homeowner? Morningstar has published two home buying articles that together offer some good, concise advice to the prospective buyer, especially if you’re a first-timer.

“8 Signs You Should Not Buy a House” may be a tough list to absorb if you’ve been turning a blind eye to immediate financial issues like credit card debt and savings accounts, but following this advice will put you in a much safer position for a new home. Once you’ve made sure it’s the right time to buy, “8 Home Buying Blunders” has some tips that should help protect you from unanticipated problems at closing or after you’ve moved in.

“8 Signs You Should Not Buy a House” [Morningstar]
“8 Home Buying Blunders” [Morningstar]
(Photo: Smath.)

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