NeatReceipts Offers Extra Neat Customer Service

Christopher made a mistake when he ordered a NeatReceipts scanner from Woot. He made some incorrect assumptions and ordered the Windows version of the device when he uses a Mac. But even though he was the one who made the mistake, the neat people at NeatReceipts happily swapped scanners with him—for free.

I recently bought a NeatReceipts unit on Woot for $75 ($150 MSRP). I’ve wanted one for a while, and the price was hard to beat. Before buying it, I looked at the NeatCo website to verify which product I was getting; and I noticed they offered two versions: Mac and PC. I assumed it was the same hardware and that I could just get a copy of the Mac version of the software later. Bad consumer = me. The unit arrived, and I opened it and plugged it in. My iMac didn’t recognize the scanner and the bundled software was Windows only. After more thoroughly reading through all of the support docs on the NeatCo website, I realized the Mac and PC versions were truly two different products. My heart sank, but I emailed NeatCo support anyway. To my amazement, they (next day) gave me a link to download the Mac version of the software with a serial number to register it and offered to ship me a replacement scanner (Mac version). I happily agreed. A little over a week later, my Mac edition NeatReceipts scanner arrived. Return shipping for the Windows version? Pre-paid.

I could not be happier with the speed and friendliness of the support I received, especially considering the mistake was mine. NeatCo rocks the party.

I just connected the scanner a few minutes ago and started my first batch of receipts. I cannot yet vouch for the product, but if it’s even half as good as their customer service, it should be fantastic.

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