Microsoft Stores To Sell Bloatware-Free PCs

If you hate buying a new PC that’s riddled with bloatware, you may want to pay a Microsoft Store a visit on your next computer shopping trip. They plan on selling PCs free of any third-party trial applications, reports OhGizmo.

That’s of course nothing to say for first-party software, as they will be installing all of the optional Microsoft software that you would otherwise have to download. This includes Windows Live Essentials, Bing 3D Maps, Security Essentials and the Zune client. Sure, it’s not a completely crapware-free computer, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

Of course, unless you live in Phoenix, AZ or Mission Viejo, CA you’re going to have to travel quite a ways to get your hands on one.

“PC’s Purchased From Microsoft Stores To be Bloatware-Free” [OhGizmo!]
(Photo: Dru Bloomfield)

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