An Explanation For Why Long Islanders Have Bad Breath

Brian notified us of a grave problem affecting Long Island that’s nearly as depressing as the Islanders’ suckage — the dearth of cinnamon Tic Tacs. He writes:

So, this sounds like a silly topic, but I figured with all the bank failures and credit card problems on the site, something light hearted might be nice.

I have noticed in the stores, there are NO cinnamon Tic Tacs anymore. I have tried various stores, and unless the tic tacs are old, no stores have them.

I HAVE seen a new Christmas Tic Tac that has cinnamon and mint (red + white), but that’s it.

The rest of the world still gets cinnamon, which continues to be listed as a standard flavor on the Tic Tac website. So what’s going on here? Has someone on Long Island horded the cinnamon delights or is there a trade embargo in effect?

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