Oh, Look, Yet Another Redesigned Nintendo DS

Nintendo is showing no mercy to those who picked up a DSi since it was released in April and announcing that gamers will have to pick up the new, redesigned DSi LL if they want to stay cutting-edge.

The new handheld gaming device boasts a larger screen than the DSi and longer battery life. It’s also bigger and heavier than the DSi, and Nintendo is slapping loyal customers in the face by not allowing them to transfer games they’ve downloaded on the DSi to the DSi LL.

The DSi LL bucks the trend of Nintendo’s numerous redesigns, which have made the device smaller and thinner. This pocket-unfriendly DSi could backfire, but hey, when you’ve sold 113 million of something, you know what you’re doing.

The doodad is coming out Nov. 10 in Japan and in the first three months of 2010 in Europe. There’s no release date yet for the U.S., but it will definitely come out here and you or someone you know will buy one.

Nintendo officially reveals the DSi LL [Destructoid]

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