Students Say Chicago Nightclub Refused To Admit Black People

Six black college students on a senior trip to Chicago say they were refused entry into Chicago’s Original Mother’s bar while 200 of their white classmates got in without a problem, CNN reports.

Club management told the students they were just enforcing a dress code, not allowing those with baggy jeans to enter, but a white and black student switched clothes and the black student still couldn’t get in.

The CNN story says:

Washington University Chancellor Mark Wrighton sent a letter to Chicago Mayor Richard Daley to express his “most intense disappointment” about the incident. In the letter — a copy of which was provided to CNN by Cutz — Wrighton told the mayor that he “can only imagine the humiliation and discouragement these six young students felt … when they were turned away from this establishment because of their race.”

Students also contacted the Anti-Defamation League and the Chicago Urban League. The two organizations jointly sent a letter to the bar, writing that they “strongly suggest that Mother’s re-examine its dress code, conduct immediate retraining of all employees to avoid any future racial discrimination or appearance thereof, and issue a formal letter of apology to the six students who were denied entry.”

If you’ve got any racist bouncer/bar owner tales, please share.

Students: Chicago nightclub barred blacks [CNN]
(Photo: CNN)
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