Netflix Streaming Coming To PS3 In November

Sony is barging in on Microsoft’s territory, having hammered out a deal to stream Netflix movies over the console just like the Xbox 360 for no additional charge beyond the Netflix membership.

This should help the console’s newfound momentum. Following a price cut to $300, it leaped almost to the top of the sales charts in September, surpassing the 360 and Wii, trailing only Nintendo’s Highlander-esque DSi.

Although Netflix streaming is no longer the awe-inspiring technological marvel it once was, now that the Xbox 360 has been doing it for a year and Blu-ray players and certain TVs are capable of the feat, but the PS3 now gives you that much more bang for the buck.

Will this nudge anyone closer to picking up a PS3?

Netflix Coming Soon to PlayStation 3 [PlayStation Blog]
(Photo: photformatc1otaker)

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