KFC Handing Out More Free Chicken Next Monday

Looks like KFC found some more piles of grilled chicken in a closet somewhere, because next week they’ll hold their third grilled chicken giveaway this year. Their CEO promises that this time the event will be glitch free: all who desire a sample of grilled chicken will receive a sample of grilled chicken.

KFC’s latest freebie will be minus Oprah Winfrey’s star power from a May giveaway and, KFC President Roger Eaton promises, without the snafus when a free grilled chicken coupon on Oprah’s Web site overwhelmed the chain, with some stores running out of the meals.


This time, things will be orderly and efficient, he promised. “We gear the shifts up so we make sure we’ve got the staffing, we make sure we’ve got the chicken,” Eaton said.

“KFC unveils another free-chicken offer” [Arizona Daily Star]
(Photo: kevinpoh)

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