Amazon Makes Up For UPS's Flattened Package Mishap With $10 Credit

Even though it most likely wasn’t Amazon’s fault that Lucas’s iPod arrived in a hippo-flattened package, a company rep stepped in and gave him a $10 credit to say sorry.

Lucas writes:

Just wanted to give you a little update. I did get in contact with Amazon. I talked to a fine fellow whose name I know, but would slaughter the spelling since he seems to be from India. Anyways, he apologized for the condition of the package, and gave me a $10 credit even though I was looking for just an apologize and not any type of compensation. So all is well from Amazon. I plan to write a letter to UPS after finishing this email. We shall see how far I get there.

Reading the comments left, yes, I should have directed most of my rage towards UPS as well. This is my first IPod purchased. The iPod worked perfectly since the case seems to be made of storm trooper plasteel; hopefully no one will shoot a laser at it. I did write the letter before I tested the iPod. Next time I shall count to ten before going off.

But the packaging still bothers me because the IPod did not keep in place, and there was no protection above or below it. Working at FexEx in college, I know how packages are handled sometimes. This just seems unacceptable. I wasn’t expecting complete enclosure, just a little care. Thankfully, as you said, the case was tough.

A gold star to Amazon for the swift, decisive and generous resolution. UPS, you go sit over there in the corner with the dunce cap.

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