Dell Lies About Repairs, Ruins Vacation

Michael emailed us, and Dell, from a loaner computer while he’s on a trip. His own laptop isn’t working, and thanks to a steady stream of broken promises and incorrect information, now he’s stuck without access to the software and development files he needs for his work.

Here’s a copy of the EECB he sent to Dell yesterday:

Dear Dell Executive Team,

It is with great frustration that I am writing to inform you of how blatant lies given by XPS supervisors have ruined a trip, and put important aspects of my business on hold.

I purchased the most expensive XPS m1730 system and support plan you had available last May. Unfortunately, due to what should be by now a known issue (despite Dell techs denying this), one or both of my Nvidia 8800m GTX SLI cards has fried and forums confirm there is a huge replacement part backlog because of all the failures.

This alone would not be cause to write you, however the following chain of events will show why I was left with no alternative.

10/8 (Lie #1)

  • Called for initial troubleshooting and escalated to a rude Supervisor named Andrew (ID#133212) who placed dispatch for replacement cards. Asked him multiple times about backlog issue and he confirmed it was not a problem and my machine would be serviced by the on-site tech no later than 10/15.
  • I tell him I am very happy as I wanted to leave for a trip by the 18th. I confirm my travel plans based on this call.

10/10 (Lie #2)

  • Called to confirm dispatch status and timing, again expressing concern over the backlog comments in forums. Supervisor named Nehl (ID# 153736) says cards will arrive by 10/12 and machine serviced by 10/14.
  • Says she is taking ownership of the issue and will call on 10/12 at 11AM CST with an update.

10/12 (Lie #3)

  • Instead of a call from Nehl, receive automated voicemail stating delivery delay till 10/15 due to backlog (SURPRISE!)
  • Follow-up call has Brian (ID# 175307) telling me the card will arrive by Tuesday, but to call back if I don’t hear from the on-site tech by Wednesday evening.


  • No call. Am told when I follow-up that part will likely get in on 10/16 and check back then.

10/16 (TRUTH AT LAST!)

  • Second-level Supervisor Adel (ID# 01130624) says that cards will not arrive in time for my machine to be serviced before my trip.
  • Offers two unacceptable alternatives in the form of a temporary downgraded replacement card that wouldn’t arrive in time, or a system replacement that would likely result in serious downgrades. Both options would lose my spot in queue for my original 8800m GTX dispatch order.
  • Tells me that essentially, they have no way of knowing when the cards will arrive and there is nothing more they can do for me (completely unacceptable).

I now have a machine with graphics so jerky that I get nauseous using it, which is a problem as it is my business computer with all of my web development files and software on it which puts me at a full stop with that work.

I am also now stuck on a three day trip without anything more than the old borrowed computer I am writing this from, preventing me from doing any real work, all thanks to blatant lies from Dell tech support (supervisors no less) that could have been avoided had someone been willing to realistically set my expectations at the beginning.

The moral of this story? Either it’s don’t buy from Dell, or don’t trust Dell to follow through on their promises, or simply don’t throw good money away on a Dell support plan because it’s low quality. Also, try to keep your dev files—or a current copy, at any rate—on a portable hard drive so you can access them on a second computer should the need arise.

(Photo: mind’s eye)

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