$40 Fee For Tech Not Showing Up

Michael and his family waited for four hours for a Time Warner Cable repair rep to pay him a visit, but says he got stood up, and stuck with a $40 cancellation fee for his troubles.

He writes:

I called TWC almost 2 weeks ago regarding “pixelation” problems with my On Demand channels, that my 2 kids (under 3) watch all day. They came yesterday and swapped out the box. When I got home a little while later to try it, the On Demand didn’t work at all, so I call TWC and they tell me “he should have tested it prior to leaving, and we they have to set up another call in about a week”. Needless to say I ask for a supervisor who tells my he will send out another tech tomorrow. They call me last night to confirm the appointment and give me a window between 2 and 6 PM. I give the dispatcher my cell, home, door bell #s, and tell them that I have a doorman in my building…. So today I call around 6:30, because no one ever showed up. The rep for TWC tells me that the tech showed up and no one was home, after blowing up I ask for another supervisor who proceeds to tell me sorry, we can setup another appointment in about a week and there will be a $40.00 cancellation fee for today’s appointment! Meanwhile my doorman was in the lobby, my kids, wife, and I were all home at the time. Terrible business practice, I can’t wait for Verizon FIOS to get to my building.

Such a hefty fee, especially when Ed wasn’t at fault, is definitely worth fighting. You could even argue that even if the tech did show up but signals were somehow crossed, TWC shouldn’t have charged him $40. Perhaps this is one for the Time Warner Cable Executive Customer Service line.

(Photo: The Consumerist)

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