Keurig: Sorry, Your Coffeemaker Can't Break Until Tomorrow

Kyle recently bought a small Keurig coffeemaker. Very recently. He’s fond of it, but when it started dispensing watered-down coffee, he knew something was wrong. So he called Keurig, who informed him that his machine wasn’t allowed to break until he had owned it for 30 days.

About a week ago my Keurig B30 personal brewer stopped brewing a full individual cup of coffee. It fill the cup up halfway, then I have to restart the brewer by opening everything back up and closing it again. This results in a very watered down cup for some reason. I figured my water may have quite a few minerals in it so I followed the maintenance directions that were included in the manual.

I stuck a toothpick through the bottom needle to see if there were grounds stuck in it…no luck. I even suffered through 3 hours of vinegar to descale the water container. Still no luck. So I called Keurig this evening to see what they would/could do? When I told them I had received my brewer on 9/08 the Customer Service Associate started to transfer me to another department. I wait about a minute and she comes back on the line and says I have to wait one more day for them to assist me with my brewer. I asked if she was serious. She was.

Apparently I have not owned my brewer long enough to know when it’s not working.

I just thought this was odd. She did take down my information to have someone call me tomorrow morning. So I guess I’ll find out how easy it is for me to have it fixed.

We’re used to hearing about consumer products that have broken one day too late, but never one day too early. Confusing.

In the meantime, we’d like to dedicate the following song to Kyle:

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