Need A New Car? Consider A Saturn

The Washington Post notes that although Saturn dealerships have until this time next year to close, many will be saying goodbye sooner due to low inventory, and that’s partly why now is a good time to buy a Saturn. That is, if you don’t plan on reselling it in a couple of years.

According to TrueCar, an automotive-data company that tracks prices, the average transaction prices for Saturn’s most popular models are within a few hundred dollars of invoice. The average discount from sticker price is close to $1,000 on these models. And more incentives are likely soon.

GM will honor the warranty on any Saturn after the brand has passed. Vehicles will be serviced by Saturn dealerships until they close and afterward by other GM dealerships.

The biggest drawback, they note, is that the resale value may drop faster than other cars the same age: “If you’re likely to trade in your car two to three years from now, buying a Saturn isn’t the deal for you.”

“It Could Be Time to Buy a Saturn” [Washington Post]
(Photo: Marcus Q)

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