The 10 Riskiest Foods That Aren't Meat Or Poultry

This list of the 10 riskiest foods might surprise you at first, because there’s no mention of any sort of meat or poultry. But that’s because it’s from the FDA, which doesn’t regulate those two food categories. When it comes to produce, dairy, eggs and seafood, here’s what to watch out for, listed in order from most outbreaks to least.

  • 1) Leafy greens
  • 2) Eggs
  • 3) Tuna
  • 4) Oysters
  • 5) Potatoes
  • 6) Cheese
  • 7) Ice cream
  • 8) Tomatoes
  • 9) Sprouts
  • 10) Berries

Before you run screaming into some weird Atkins-style diet, we should point out that the entire list makes up less than 50,000 cases of illness total between 1990 and 2006, although the report points out that the vast majority of food-related illnesses go unreported. For categories like eggs, potatoes, and ice cream, you can take steps to reduce the odds you’ll run into any problems.

Read more about the list and how you can avoid illnesses from these foods at the Consumer Reports Safety blog.

(Photo: mccun934)

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