How to Get the Best Deal on Cable or Satellite TV

Comcast. DirecTV. Dish Network. Oh, we love to hate them, don’t we? But without these (and others), where would we get the mind-numbing entertainment that has America hypnotized? But of course we don’t want to pay a lot to be comatose, so that’s why Bible Money Matters’ suggestions on how to get the best deal when signing up for cable or satellite TV are so valuable.

His post details the process he went through to get a cable package retailing for $84.99/month for only $36.99/month and offers several tips along the way. But here’s the one tip that really stood out to us:

After some more research on FatWallet I found that most people weren’t able to get the great deals on their cable bill just by ordering service through the website, or by phone. The trick was to go on the company’s online chat and to work with the sales agents on there. From what I could gather, the agents when you call are actually Comcast employees, and they toe a hard line on giving discounts or special deals. The chat agents are outsourced, and are more likely to give you a deal. I found the chat agents much more helpful later on when I was ordering.

Really? Has anyone else had this experience? Do you think it’s true or did he just happen to get lucky using online chat to get a deal?

How To Get The Best Deal When Signing Up For Cable Or Satellite TV [Bible Money Matters]

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