FirstEnergy Forces Light Bulbs On Customers For $10.80 Each

Hey, who doesn’t like to get free stuff from the power company? So it’s awfully nice of Ohio utility FirstEnergy to deliver compact fluorescent bulbs to their customers’ homes. Except for the part where the bulbs aren’t free, and customers are being forced to pay nearly five times the retail price of the bulbs.

Yes, customers will be charged a total of $10.80 per bulb on their electric bills. And can’t opt out to, say, buy a 6-pack of bulbs for roughly the same amount at Walmart.

Last year, Ohio passed a law requiring Ohio utilities to cut their customers’ energy use by 22% by 2025. FirstEnergy’s bulb distribution effort is part of this effort, but their methods seem a little harsh.

The utility will charge average users 60 cents a month extra on their electric bills for the next three years — $21.60 all together. That covers the cost of the bulbs ($3.50 each), their delivery and the delivery of the power consumers would have used if they didn’t have them.

Wait, so they’re charging for the delivery of electricity that customers might have used, but aren’t going to use, in the future unless they don’t use the light bulbs they’re being forced to pay for? In what universe does this make sense?

FirstEnergy to give away 3.75 million low-energy light bulbs [Plain Dealer] (Thanks to everyone who sent this in!)

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(Photo: Rdog Xtreme)

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