How To Save Money On Gas

Thanks to insurance, auto loan payments and especially gas, it’s your car that owns you and not the other way around. Gas Buddy checks in with some tips on how to cut down on fuel costs.

One way is to avoid gas stations that overcharge. It may be worth the savings to go out of your way in order to avoid stations that are located off the freeway and traditionally charge more. The post says:

In most regions, you will find the cheapest gas prices in the same areas. In major metro areas, this seems to be outlying suburbs. It is best to avoid affluent areas when looking for a cheap fill. People in these areas are less price sensitive, and the gas stations realize this fact. Not only that, the gas stations are located on more valuable land, and land taxes will be higher. They pass on these higher costs to customers. Gas stations near major freeway exists can be more expensive that stations further away. It can pay to drive a few blocks from the freeway to find a deal.

The article links to a list of 10 ways you can reduce fuel costs by tweaking the way you drive, such as keeping windows closed, properly inflating your tires and avoiding weighing down your ride with heavy, mileage-killing cargo.

Fuel and Money Saving Tips [Gas Buddy]
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