Squash Minimum Purchase Fees With Wallet-Sized Merchant Agreement

Fed up with stores not knowing the rules for credit card purchases, Andy at NonToxicReviews created this handy credit-card-sized PDF of the relevant portions of Visa’s and MasterCard’s merchant agreements.

We asked Andy if he’d had the occasion to use this pocket smackdown yet, but he said no one has tried to require a minimum purchase since he started carrying it a couple months ago. We hate credit card transaction fees, minimum purchase requirements, requests for ID, and all the other bogus crap that stores try to pull when you try to use a credit card, so we’re going to print out a copy for ourselves and see what happens.

If any readers have tried carrying a pocket merchant agreement or tried a similar method to fight these charges, let us know in the comments.

Don’t Fall for Minimum Credit Card Purchases Again [NonToxicReviews]

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