Customer Claims McDonald's Gave Her Mucus-Filled Iced Tea

Say you’re driving along sipping your iced tea when you suddenly realize that your mouth is full of something slimy. You would probably freak out. One McDonald’s customer says this happened to her and she is definitely freaking out.

From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

“I feel violated,” the alleged victim said, fighting back tears. “I’m aware people fake stuff like this, but no amount of money will ever make it worth going through what I did and what I continue to go through every day.”

The paper says that the woman drove back to McDonald’s and confronted the staff, who “initially suggested the iced tea tank might not have been cleaned, but acknowledged what the woman presented in the iced tea cup.”

She complained to the health department. Their response was less than what the woman had hoped for:

Public Health — Seattle & King County spokeswoman Hilary Karasz said the department received a complaint and an inspector went to the store on Sept. 25.

“He reviewed cleaning and sanitizing with the manager to make sure they have good practices there,” Karasz said. “He asked the manager if she knew about other spitting incidents. She did not.”

The inspector called the complainant back and the case was closed.

Here’s the official statement from the McDonald’s owner. He’s taking it seriously:

“Food safety and quality at my restaurant, is a top priority,” restaurant franchisee David Santillanes said in a statement. “Rest assured, we take these matters seriously and investigate all allegations to gather the facts.

“At this time, these are just claims. I strongly caution anyone from jumping to conclusions without having all the facts. Until we have been able to complete our investigation to gather the facts, it would be inappropriate to further comment or speculate.”

Police are currently reviewing surveillance camera footage to see if anyone spit in the tea.

Woman: McDonald’s employee spit in my drink [Seattle P-I]

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