UPS Now Delivers Bonus Junk Mail Packages

What does the United States Postal Service do for you that UPS doesn’t? Deliver junk mail, you say? Not anymore! Next week, UPS will test market delivering solicitations along with your packages in a few lucky, lucky markets.

“We did some focus-group research and it really indicated that people were receptive to receiving offers from U.P.S.,” Ms. Lynn said. “What we heard was, ‘If U.P.S. brings it to me, it’s not junk.’ “

Still, the company is taking several steps to try to ensure that a Direct to Door Pak is received more like a gift than another application for another credit card.

For one thing, the offers inside each box are intended to be special rather than “mass offers distributed through other channels,” Ms. Lynn said.

Companies participating in next week’s test include Sephora, Finish Line, Pottery Barn, and Men’s Wearhouse, among others. The packages will contain either special offers or free samples.

We’re sort of amazed that this didn’t start decades ago.

Delivering Something Extra [NY Times] (Thanks, Jason!)

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