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Samuel M. Livingston

Report: Samsung Adding Sony To Lineup Of Battery Suppliers For Galaxy S8

Remember that problem Samsung had with lithium-ion batteries exploding in its Galaxy Note7 devices? Sure you do: They were all (eventually) recalled due to their propensity to burst into flame. In an effort to prevent such a debacle from happening again, Samsung is reportedly throwing a third battery supplier into the mix. [More]

So Cal Metro

UPS Testing Saturday Ground Package Delivery

With FedEx and the Postal Service expanding their weekend delivery options as more Americans go online to buy stuff, UPS is finally getting around to a test of offering Saturday delivery for ground shipments.

Nicholas Eckhart

JCPenney Launching New Plus-Size Line In New “Boutique” Sections In Stores, Online

While JCPenney has been selling plus-size garments for years, the retail chain is ready to make a big move into the fashion category: it’s launching a private label plus-size brand for women called Boutique+. [More]

(ISIS Chocolates)

Belgian Chocolate Company ISIS Decides It’s A Pretty Good Idea To Change Its Name Right About Now

It was only last year when a Belgian chocolate company called Italo Suisse decided to change its name. After all, 90 years after its founding, the business had no real connections to either Italy or Switzerland anymore. But yeah, if anyone at the company had realized there was another ISIS out there, that would definitely not have been the name it chose to switch too. [More]

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke Unleashes Surprise New Album Via BitTorrent

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke Unleashes Surprise New Album Via BitTorrent

Because he’s already made more money than some small nations, Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke is free to experiment with new ways of distributing his music. It wasn’t that long ago that the band tried a pay-what-you-want model with its In Rainbows album. And today, Yorke announced the release of his first solo album in nearly a decade as a bundle via BitTorrent. [More]