Walmart Security Guards Go John McClane On Armed Thief

In a head-scratching display of bravery combined with an alarming willingness to place surely poor-paying jobs above their personal safety, Walmart security guards captured an armed assailant who tried to rob the Pennsylvania store.

In a court document, police said Wal-Mart security attempted to stop Jeremy T. Johnson, 19, from leaving the store with a Sentry Safe he allegedly had not paid for. Johnson then tried to push his way past security and wrestled with employees and customers.

During the scuffle a black handgun fell from Johnson’s pocket and slid across the floor.

Whoah! Even customers got involved? Now that’s store loyalty. If my Walmart ever gets jacked as I’m shopping, you’ll find me cowering in the $12 velcro shoes aisle.

By the way, Johnson is in jail and unable to make bail. But he’ll be back for the threequel involving Samuel L. Jackson.

Walmart Workers Thwart Robbery [The Tribune-Democrat]
(Thanks, Earl!)

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