EECB Results In Deluge Of Comcast Callbacks, Quick Fix

CJ responded to his daylong Comcast outage with an Executive Email Carpet Bomb that hit its target with vigor. He says within 20 minutes his phone was bombarded with calls from company reps around the country, who managed to restore his service within four hours.

Here’s the letter he wrote:

First off, I’m a business class customer.
My account number: XXXXXXXXXXXX

Here is my situation:

I own a small computer company in Virginia. I host some websites for other businesses in the region. I depend on my Internet service in order to be able to service MY customers.

Sept 21 @ 4:00PM – My Internet service starts randomly dropping. Staying up only about 4 or 5 minutes at a time. I call tech support. Immediately the tech tells me to check the Amperage on the transformer thats plugged into the modem, along with the modem itself. They did not match up, so he said my modem is fried, and will have a tech bring me another one. In the morning. I understand it was after 2PM, so its next day service. OK. Well he tells me the tech will be here between 7AM-10AM. I rearrange my schedule, and wait.

Sept 22 @ 10:00AM – Internet Service has been essentially down now for 18 hours. No tech has shown. I call back to tech support and am informed that the appointment was for 11AM-2PM. I explain that the tech from the previous call told me 7AM-10AM. The guy on the phone didn’t care and said the tech would be out between 10 and 2. I have appointments to make, so I leave instructions for the tech to just leave the equipment, and Ill hook it up when I return in the evening.

Sept 22 @ 3:30PM – Internet Service has been essentially down for 23 1/2 hours. I return from the field, and enter my office to connect the new modem. All the technician dropped off were several new power supplies, all different voltages and amperages. He left instructions to use the one I needed and toss the rest. I plug in the 1Amp 12V connector, and wait for the modem to boot up. Within 4 minutes the connection dropped again. I call back to tech support. I get Joan Employee #66064. I explain the situation. She runs some test and says I have low signal on some line, and will need to send a line tech. I ask how long it will be, she says “Not long.” I ask “5 minutes, 10 minutes, an hour, tomorrow?” She says “Oh it will be tomorrow, as Im passed the 2PM deadline for same day service. I explain the issue was reported on 9/21 ~ 4:00PM, and that was well before the 9/22 2PM deadline. She gets hostile, I got hostile. I end up hanging up on her.

Sept 22 @ 4:30PM – Internet Service has been essentially down for 24 1/2 hours. I notice on the workorder the tech left when here this morning, that I have been charge $164.95. I call billing to find out why. Im told I am two months behind on my bill. I pull up my old bills and explain that I am in fact, NOT behind on my bill. I am told a Billing Specilist will need to call me back. In typical Comcast fashion, this will be 24 – 48 hours.

Sept 22 @ 5:00PM – Internet Service has been essentially down for 25 hours. I call back to tech support to see if Joan put in the workorder to have a line tech come out. Chris #66011 tells me he wants to run some tests. I give him the MAC off of the modem, he puts me on hold. He comes back on the line and asks if I had unplugged the modem. I say “No, thats what Im trying to explain to you, the modem just keeps” and he rudely puts me on hold mid-sentence. He comes back on in a little bit and says “It appears your modem is cycling power on its own.” I say “Thats what Ive been trying to tell you.” he the informs me that I have an open ticket for 9/22 between 11AM and 2PM, and that another work order cant be entered until that one is closed. I explain that the tech was here at 11AM, clearly 6 hours ago at this point. He says there isnt anything he can do and that the tech needs to close his ticket. So I ask him “Are you telling me, that because your tech is slow to close his ticket, that my service is going to be down another 24 hours?” His reply was “No, they typically close them within a couple hours of completeing the work.” I explain that its been six hours since he completed the work. He says “Call back in a couple hours, maybe he will have closed it by then.”

Sept 22 @ 5:30PM – Internet Service has been essentially down for 25 1/2 hours. Here I sit. Internet down, erroneous charges on my account, and no way to have anyone fix my service. Customers calling me beating me up about their sites being down. My hands are tied. It should have been fixed today between 7AM and 10AM as I was originally told.

I’ve already dropped your cable service for DirecTV becvause of similar problems. If this problem is not remedied ASAP, I will be dropping my Comcast Internet service and getting Verizon FIOS.

I get email on my cell, so I am available via email at anytime, or phone at XXX-XXX-XXXX

Bookmark and save for future reference. By the way, here are the email addresses on that letter:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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