Where To Find Great Personal Finance Writing Online

If you don’t know about the Carnival of Personal Finance, it’s a weekly round-up of interesting posts from the glut of personal finance blogs and websites that now litter the web. I discovered two of today’s posts—the 23 debt-saving tips and the the alkaline-vs-rechargeables story—through the most recent Carnival.

Like any good potluck, you never know what you’re going to find in a Carnival, but there are always at least a few useful, thoughtful, or just entertaining posts you probably wouldn’t have heard about otherwise. The curatorial duties are passed around to a different blogger each week, which helps mix things up.

This week, Emily Starbuck Gerson at CreditCards.com assembled the collection, and you can see from the list below the wide variety of topics you’ll frequently find:

Carnival of Personal Finance
(Photo: kevindooley)

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