Snuggie Fashion Show Takes NY Fashion Week By Storm

What’s better than a fashion show? A multi-species fashion show. When the makers of the Snuggie decided to introduce new colors, prints, and fabrics, they knew just how to do it. Where else but a Snuggie show during New York’s Fashion Week?

“You’re here at – let’s just say it – the future of fashion,” said host Ross Matthews, better known as Ross the Intern from Jay Leno’s “Tonight” show.

The much-parodied Snuggie infomercial, in which Snuggie-clad actors eat popcorn and read on the couch and stand to cheer at a football game, was intended to have “a little cheek,” said Linda Hotz of the Allstar Marketing Group, which makes the Snuggie. But the company had no idea it would become a pop culture touchstone.

“People just took it to the next level and we decided to go with them,” she said.

The show, which boasted an entire dozen attendees, featured Snuggie-clad adults, children, and dogs. Many of the new Snuggie designs have been out in (gasp!) stores for months now, but haute couture is clearly not the point here.

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(Photo: Allstar Products Group)

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