Chocolate Snobs Avoiding American Products

Do you know your imported Cadbury bars from your Hershey’s? Lots of chocolate lovers do and, according to the Wall Street Journal, many are bound and determined to seek out imports from the U.K.

In the U.S., Cadbury bars are made my Hershey – and, apparently, taste like it.

Greg Ziegler, a food-science professor at Penn State University, says certain ingredient types – say, condensed milk versus powdered – can radically alter taste and texture… U.S. government regulations ban the use of vegetable fat in chocolate, while European Union rules allow it.

As a result, the American product uses more cocoa butter, which makes the chocolate “harder, melt slower and deliver its flavor over a long period of time,” says Mr. Ziegler, who has conducted research for chocolate makers including Cadbury and Hershey.

The funny thing is that the use of vegetable fat is seen by many chocoholics as an act of near heresy. I guess you can’t please all the people…

What’s in a Name? Not Much for These Fans of Imported Cadbury [Wall Street Journal]

(Photo: svadilfari)

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