Parents Sue Dunkin' Donuts After Rogue Hash Brown Burns Toddler

Continuing this weekend’s unintentional theme of “toddlers and food service,” today we bring you the sad tale of a Quincy, Mass. 23-month-old whose parents are suing Dunkin’ Donuts after he was burned by a hash brown. A hash brown that fell out of his mouth and onto his neck.

“It took only seconds for the extremely high temperature of the interior portion of the food item to severely burn and blister (Cullen’s) skin,” attorney Joseph K. Curran Jr. wrote in a complaint filed in Norfolk Superior Court.

Before handing the hash brown to her son to eat, the boy’s mother, Robin, checked it and found it was “lukewarm,” the suit states. The family claims the hash brown heated up “unevenly” and that the food’s interior temperature was “unsafe for public consumption.”

The family’s attorney insists that this case is absolutely nothing like the infamous McDonald’s scalding-hot coffee case, and have not yet explained what kind of amazing heating device cooks hash browns from the inside out.

Parents feel burned after Dunkin’ Donuts visit [Boston Herald]

(Photo: Morton Fox)

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