Do Not Sign For Your Neighbor's Packages, Then Pawn Them

Fedex delivered a Florida woman’s new laptop computer when she wasn’t home. It was okay, though—her neighbor signed for it. Then, allegedly, he pawned it. Somehow, authorities tracked him down. Maybe it was the part where he signed his name.

The victim called Palm Bay police after the $399 laptop she ordered failed to be delivered. The woman first notified Federal Express officials and had the packaged traced. Fed Ex officials told the woman that [Norman] Taylor, who lives in area, signed and accepted the package while she was away.

Police talked to Taylor, who admitted to signing for the item. Police said the delivery box, ripped open and with the label missing, was found in Taylor’s apartment.

Funny, isn’t it, how a FedEx investigation can lead right to the person who lives near the recipient and signed his name on the little computer. Whatever happened to signing it as John Smith or Ben Dover? That might have delayed them long enough to throw the box away. Sigh, these criminals today.

Police: Man signs for package, pawns contents [Florida Today]

(Photo: frankieleon)

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