Toys R Us Muscles In On The Games Trading Racket

Kotaku reports that Toys R Us has gone nationwide with its video game trade-in initiative today. Now the chain is stepping on GameStop’s turf. The site’s Mike Fahey quotes a Toys R Us bigwig:

“The video game trade-in program is another way we’re providing customers with additional value when they visit our stores,” said Bill Lee, Vice President, Divisional Merchandise Manager, Toys R Us, U.S. “This program is designed to make the exchange process completely hassle-free for customers by accepting games from even the oldest systems, including the original Atari 2600 and 32-bit Sega Genesis.”

This is good for consumers in a couple of ways. Not only does monolith GameStop have some significant competition, but there’s now an outlet to get rid of older games and systems GameStop ignores. My Super Nintendo and Game Boy Advance collections may have found their final resting place.

Granted, trade-ins are rarely the way to get the most bang from your old games. Selling them individually online will almost surely get you more money, but whether or not that’s worth the hassle is up for debate.

Toys R Launches Game Trade-Ins Nationwide [Kotaku]
(Photo: ThatBeeGirl)