Ticketmaster Makes Ticket-Selling Falcons Fan Wait 10 Days For Funds

Jeremy sold his Atlanta Falcons game tickets through Ticketmaster, the NFL’s official ticket reseller. Ticketmaster’s FAQ say the money should have been deposited into his account within five business days, but it took longer than that, and Jeremy had to hold the ticketing monolith’s hand throughout the process and get an agent to manually authorize his payment.

He writes:

I am an Atlanta Falcons season ticket holder. The Falcons, and perhaps the entire NFL, has partnered with Ticketmaster to be the official ticket reseller. Through the Falcons website, you are able to connect to the NFL Ticket Exchange website at Ticketmaster.com. I set up to sell my two tickets at two separate games. The set up was painless, getting payment for the sale was not. … The tickets are sent by email, so this should be instantaneous.

I posted and sold all of the tickets on August 25. On my account page, under status for each order it said, “Finalized.” This would indicate to any reasonable person that payment should now be received. On August 28, I contacted customer service to see why I had not received payment yet. I was told that the Falcons had trouble getting the ticket information to Ticketmaster. This was understandable, however, Ticketmaster made no attempt to email season ticket holders of the issue. I was told that payment on one of the two orders was triggered, and the other one should be done soon.

On September 1, I contacted customer service to see if the other transaction had been triggered. I was told that it had not been. Apparently, the only person who could do that was out of the office on September 1 and September 2. I was told that no one else could handle triggering the payment. On September 2, I called again to request that my commission fees be refunded for the lack of communication. I was told that that would not happen (a whopping $7.50). The supervisor I spoke to, Armando, said he would trigger the payment that night. I asked how this was possible since I was told only one person had the authority to do that, and he was gone. He indicated that he was given that authority just that day because of the person’s absence. It was after hours, so the bank wouldn’t get the information until Thursday, Sept. 3. Still no email regarding the delays.

I received the following email today:

Your payment for PO Z 3133554 was issued by direct deposit today. If you have any questions or concerns please call 888-635-5944. thank you.

Definitely something to keep in mind if you want to turn your tickets around on Ticketmaster for some quick money.

(Photo: phototaker)

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