Please Come To, And Help Us Pay For, Our Wedding

Weddings can be very expensive, costing on average, $20,000-$30,000. And most couples marrying today are already functioning adults who don’t necessarily need the household goods that have traditionally been wedding gifts. So why not cut the act, ask for cash, and have your guests help you pay for the wedding directly?

Methods to help control wedding costs range from having a cash bar (reasonable) to asking for it outright on the invitations (rude.) We will not mention that monstrosity that is the dollar dance.

Anna Post, great-great-granddaughter of etiquette icon Emily Post, said it’s always been acceptable to give money; what’s changed is that brides and grooms are now asking for it. Post said it makes sense for modern couples who are older and may have no need for china to seek monetary gifts.

But the request needs to be made politely, and guests should always be given the option of choosing a more traditional gift.

My family and I have always given checks as wedding gifts, so that seems pretty traditional to me. Still, the consensus of experts is that it’s okay to ask for money subtly, or to let friends and family know about your desire for contributions toward your honeymoon rather than dish towels.

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