Is Your Resume Outdated And Irrelevant When You Aren't?

Sometimes you find yourself job-hunting when you didn’t really expect to. This predicament is particularly common during, oh, the last year or so. Sure, you may have had to keep your skills up to date to keep up in the office, but what about your resume? What are the signs that you obviously haven’t touched it up since 1994? Divine Caroline will tell you.

Their list of “passe” resume features:

1. You’ve forced it to fit onto one page.
2. You list an objective.
3. You write “References available upon request” at the bottom.
4. You attach it to your email as a Word document.
5. You list every job you’ve ever had in chronological order.

Wait, the “objective” didn’t die in the ’80s?

Can you think of any others? That can be very field-specific, it’s true, but what are the definite signs that someone isn’t in touch with what the hip resume-slinging kids and recruiters are into today?

Five Signs Your Resume Is Passe (via Lifehacker)

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