Redskins Makes Fans Wait While Scalpers Cherry-Pick Tickets

The Washington Post reports the Washington Redskins gave ticket brokers the first crack at their tickets during the 2007 and 2008 seasons, making fans pay more from the third parties.

The Post attained Redskins documents that proves the transactions took place. Redskins brass made like Shaggy and took the “wasn’t me” route, insisting the sales spawned from a rogue inside team offices who violated franchise policy.

The Post reports:

“Somebody in the ticket office was doing something they shouldn’t have been doing, and when it was discovered, it was all dealt with,” Redskins Senior Vice President Karl Swanson said. “If the story is, this is a scandal, uncovered by Redskins, verified by The Post, or whatever, yeah, we’re telling you: People got tickets who shouldn’t have gotten tickets, and they were dealt with.”

As if NFL tickets weren’t expensive enough on their own, squeezing average-income fans out of the picture. The ticket mishap is as inexplicable as the team managing to miss the playoffs last year after starting off 6-2.

Redskins Fans Waited While Brokers Got Tickets [Washington Post]
(Photo: Morton Fox)
(Thanks, Michael M!)

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