Hershey Syrup With Calcium Provides 0% Calcium?

In case you were planning on getting your recommended daily allowance of calcium from Hershey’s Syrup + Calcium, you may want to think twice. As reader Samuel has pointed out, the label on the fortified corn syrup says it contains “0%” of your suggested daily calcium. On the bright side, it probably doesn’t taste like chalk.

A trip to Hershey’s website reveals different nutritional information, so the label is likely a mistake. The website says that 2 tbsp. of the calcium fortified version of the syrup contains 10% of your suggested calcium. (The label does have tricalcium phosphate listed in the ingredients.) Either way, Nutrition Data says you’ll get at least 29% of your intake if you add the stuff to one cup of milk — already a good source of calcium. Nom, nom, nom.

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