Videos Suggest New Slim PS3 May Be Slower Than Old Fat One

The advantages of the newly released PS3 Slim over the older models are numerous: smaller size, larger hard drive and faster booting — um, wait, maybe not that last one.

According to online videos spotted by Sankaku Complex that show Batman: Arkham Asylum (a fan-freaking-tastic game, by the way) loading side-by-side on both systems, the old PS3 gets down to business several seconds faster than its younger brother.

Seven seconds may seem trivial, but it’s important to note that when you’re waiting for a video game to load, each second feels as though it takes a minute to pass.

In fairness, these videos aren’t definitive proof that the new PS3 is slower. Some videos even show the new PS3 is faster than the older one. And even if it the Slim is slower, Sony can presumably correct the problem with a firmware update.

PS3 Slim Slower Than PS3? [Sankaku Complex, via Kotaku]

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