Bottled Water Price War Is Heating Up

What do you stop buying when you are broke? Bottled water. After a decade of rising consumption, bottled water sales are starting to trickle off — and companies are responding by dropping their prices.

The WSJ says that the price of Pepsi’s “Aquafina” has dropped by half in some cases — and is still more expensive than store brands.

“It used to be $6.99 for a 24-pack, then $5.99,” said Michael Bellas, chief executive of New York consulting firm Beverage Marketing Corp. “But $2.49? That’s the lowest I’ve seen.”

There is speculation that as Pepsi absorbs other bottlers and lowers its costs, the price could drop even lower. The botted-water makers told the WSJ that the low prices are just promotional and are common ahead of Labor Day.

Bottled-Water Price War Heats Up as Demand Falls [WSJ]

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