Iowa Woman Claims Rodent Of Unusual Sauce Served As A Hot Wing

I’m no connoisseur of chicken wings, but I’ve heard that they aren’t supposed to contain fur. However, that was what a woman in Des Moines allegedly found in her hot wings. She’s stashing the unacceptable food item in her freezer until further notice. Is it an Iowa Fried Mouse, or something else that doesn’t belong in a meal?

Recounting what happened to a Des Moines register reporter, she said:

“I started with my side dishes, you know, macaroni and baked beans, and then I had one of the wings. The first one was OK, but on the second one, I felt something in my mouth that I know wasn’t no chicken.

“I spit it out and it looked like hair or something. I poked at it because it looked funny. I said: �That’s mouse fur or something.'”

The diner rejected an offer of a free replacement meal, and has retained a lawyer.

Mercifully, the pictures are too blurry to identify exactly what’s in them, so we’ll just have to wait until lab tests come back.

Warning: Blog contains fried rodent reference [Des Moines Register]

(Photo: Des Moines Register)

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