Don't Bother Visiting The Grand Canyon Skywalk

Update: We asked the Skywalk to confirm that they have a “no-refunds” policy. Their answer is at the bottom of this post.

Unless you want to spend a minimum of $75 per person, plus another $29 per “official” photo (no cameras are allowed), and risk missing out entirely with no refund a partial refund if the attraction is closed due to weather (which happens suddenly and frequently), you should avoid the Grand Canyon Skywalk. According to Travel On The Dollar, which just got back from visiting the Skywalk in person, you can’t even walk on the glass floor, and instead have to stand on a carpeted section and look through the other half.

Follow Up:

We contacted the Grand Canyon Skywalk and asked them if it was true that there was carpet on the glass floor, and whether they provided refunds in the event the attraction was closed. Their director of customer service, Gloria, responded,

For safety reasons, we do lay down the carpet, but still allow you to see through the glass bridge.

If you are not able to see the Skywalk due to weather conditions, your ticket is completely refunded. We only close down the Skywalk due to inclement weather, such as electrical rain storms, and lightning.

Note that this refund covers the cost of entrance to the Skywalk, not the separate entrance fee to Grand Canyon West where it’s located—in other words, you’ll get back $30 of the $75 total required to visit. The other attractions still available to you, according to Gloria, are “Guano Point [where you can] enjoy a bird’s eye view of the Canyon, and the Hualapai Ranch, a taste of Western Adventure.”

“Grand Canyon Skywalk is a sham!” [Travel On The Dollar] (Thanks to Parind!)
(Photo: slideshow bob)

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