Banana Republic Sends Customer Mysterious Package Of Security Tags

custom_1251331834691_photo_2_Jonathan’s wife ordered some clothes from Banana Republic, and was confused when another, similarly-sized box arrived on their doorstep from Banana Republic a week later. This box was clearly not destined for her, since she had not ordered the exciting new “Open Your Own Banana Republic” playset.

Jonathan wrote to Consumerist:

So I’ve got a funny story for you. My wife placed an order last week
with Banana Republic for some clothes and received the order the end
of last week without a single hitch. No problems, right? Well this
week we received the weirdest package I’ve ever seen in my 25 years on
this earth. My wife got home today and found ANOTHER package from
Banana Republic. Since she didn’t order anything, she just figured
they sent her another order by mistake. Now assuming these clothes
fit, I’m sure she would have considered this her lucky day. But when
she picked up the 4 lb box, she noticed it had a weird clicking noise
to it.

Here’s what she found inside…

Yep, she was sent a 4 lb box of plastic security tags — plus the
mental tacks that attach the tag to the clothing. Score! She called BR
and they couldn’t tell her why she received them. A future note for
BR: If you’re going to send us a box with free stuff, please make sure
the contents are worth our while!

I guess she can be grateful that she received a completely absurd package, likely destined for her nearest Banana Republic store, instead of a box of free clothes and the ensuing moral dilemma.

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