Study: Candles May Contribute To Indoor Air Pollution

You may want to think twice about covering up that stench in the bathroom by lighting up 25 votives. A new study by researchers at South Carolina State University found that “paraffin-based candles — the most popular kind — emitted toxic chemicals like toluene and benzene.”

Soybean candles, however, did not. Which isn’t to say that soybean candles escaped the fear factor entirely. According to George Thurston, Ph.D., an associate professor of environmental medicine at the New York University School of Medicine:

“Just lighting a match to start a candle creates sulfur pollution in the air.” He adds, “It’s one of the big sources of sulfur in the indoor environment, so using a lighter would probably be cleaner.”

Study: Some types of candles may pollute indoor air [CNN] (Thanks to Shaula Evans!)

(Photo: brunkfordbraun)

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