Sports Illustrated Makes You Wait For Your Free Madden

Chad spotted a slight catch in that awe-inspiring Sports Illustrated/Madden promotion, in which you buy a 28-issue subscription for $50 and get a free copy of Madden NFL 10.

He writes:

The deal you wrote about a few days ago regarding the SI subscription that came with Madden 10 is great as long as you don’t want your Madden for 2-3 more weeks. If you want to play Madden before the season starts you had better go buy it yourself. They resisted canceling my subscription, first telling me that they couldn’t do it, but they did finally relent. I bought Madden 10 today at Best Buy. Sigh.

So there you have it, folks. If you need your free copy of Madden before the season starts, this promotion isn’t for you. But if you can wait until week 2 or thereabouts, otherwise known as the part of the season when the Detroit Lions drop out of contention, it’s still a smoking deal.

(Photo: RNN Online)

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