Gee, There Was A 6 Hour Tarmac Delay At New York's JFK Airport

So, we’ve recently noticed that the new cool thing for airlines to say when they mess up is some variation of, “We tried to make them comfortable,” as if they were escorting you to meet your maker instead of transporting you to Minnesota to see your grandmother and eat “bars.” We think this is creepy. We think they should stop saying this.

According to USAToday, Sun Country Flight 242 to Minneapolis was “supposed to take off from New York City on Friday about 11 a.m. local time. But passengers say the plane didn’t start boarding until about noon, and didn’t take off until after 6 p.m.”

After about 3 hours a food cart arrived but there apparently wasn’t enough food for all 100 passengers.

From USAToday:

“Our flight crew did everything in their power to make the passengers as comfortable as possible and to keep them informed,” [Sun County chief executive Stan Gadek] said.

The passengers will be given refunds.

Sun Country fliers endure 6-hour ground delay at JFK [USAToday]

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